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Nov 23, 2012 2:00pm EST
gold medal ceremony with professional golfer arnold palmer. later, african-american photographers talk about the integrity of photojournalism. watch the history of the presidential appointment process at george mason university tonight at 9:00 eastern here on c-span. >> i can remember barack obama's speech in 2004. the democratic national convention, this dazzling speech that instantly makes him a national figure. without that speech, he is not a possible candidate. lincoln gives a beautiful speech in new york, a testament to the quality of his life, a fantastic speech, worthy of praise. but when he ran for the senate -- when barack obama gave his speech in 2004, he was running for the senate and he won. abraham lincoln ran for senate and he lost. if you want to think about abraham lincoln and the presidency, think about if barack obama had run for senate in 2004 and lost. that is the kind of obscurity we're talking about. >> book tv, sunday at 9:00 p.m. and midnight eastern, part of book tv's holiday weekend on c- span-2. >> and now burmese opposition leader aung san suu kyi exce
Nov 23, 2012 10:30pm EST
clue. but i do remember we tied for the tournament. before the playoff, arnold came over to me. it was customary in those days that the winner of the playoff received the mandate of the playoff. and he asked, would you like to split the date today? here i was, a rookie. i really appreciated it. i'll never forget. i am going to fast forward a little bit, about 50 years. arnold and gary player and i played an event down in texas in may. it may be the last time we would ever play competitively together. we got to the last green, and we chose a hole about 25 feet from the whole. arnold putted first. he thought he won the u.s. open and the masters for the fifth time. well, you know, to the delight of arnold, to the delight of us, and of course all of arnie's army. the manager of ing put together matches and exhibitions all over the world. we traveled together, laughed together, play together and remained close friends. whether it was oakmont or many other times we competed, arnold always treated me as a competitor, but more importantly as a friend. i am honored to still call him a dear
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
coming in at 41 degrees baltimore, 42 arnold. 44 chester town, northeast 43, bel air 41, easton 46 degrees. look at the wind gusts, up to 27 in easton, 25 arnold, 23 chestertown. 30 bel air, 31 wind gust in northeast, what does this mean? we have a windchill out there. temperatures feeling like we are in the 30s this morning in baltimore, also in arnold, gaithersburg, westminster, it is cold. it's a cold rain that we are feeling this morning. as you head out and about, have the heavy coat and the umbrella, because you will need it as we go through this morning. not going to say through the day, we will clear out nicely as we go through time, by tomorrow, we will be seeing plenty of sunshine moving in to the picture, that will continue for a while. this is what we have for your planner as we step you out, dealing with the rainfall, as we go in to lunchtime, the temperature coming in around 50 degrees, we won't jump up from there. we see our high temperatures around lunchtime, 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. and start to fall off, that's all courtesy of the cold front moving through, this morni
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
temperatures in the 20s and 30s. look at arnold at 35 degrees over to jessup 30 and sykesville coming in at 29. so not only do you need the big coat i suggest to put an hat or earmuffs. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry right now. we will stay that way as we go throughout the day. the cold temperatures bringing in a freeze warning until 9 and this is what to peck for your planner. 47 quite chilly as we go into the afternoon. let's check the traffic with lauren good morning. >> oh actually well. >> we are going to traffic in a moment but we will talk about the polls because they are set to open. >> less than an hour they open in maryland and a number of key issues for us and the president of course t.j. winick is standing by in chicago with a report. >> reporter: good morning. the president ended his campaign yesterday here in the midwest. and right now, it looks as if a last-minute surge could carry barack obama to four more years. most of the east coast of the u.s. was asleep, residents of dixville notch a tiny village in new hampshire headed to the polls to cast the fi
Nov 13, 2012 4:55am EST
. 45 elkton, 46 arnold. last stop, glen burnie, 44 degrees. cold rain continuing through the rest of the morning and then we will have better time by lunchtime, temperature coming in at 50 degrees, and the rain should be tapering off by then. back over to you. >>> we are still dealing with the effects of yesterday's water main break, if you can, avoid mount vernon, many roads will be shutdown including madison, that's between fallsway and calvert street. gillford closed between madison and monument streets. if you can use the jfx, do so. do be aware the off ramp is shutdown. as we look here at the scene, repairs are underway, this is a 30-inch break, they are trying to fix. no word on when the repairs will be complete. from the looks of it it's going to be a while. something to keep in mind. if you are traveling out on the beltway, as we check in and look in parkville, harford, we are off to a wet start. dealing with fog, no delays if you travel up towards towson. that is going to be the good news, if you are traveling the rest of the beltway, no problems to report on the west side,
Nov 7, 2012 1:35am PST
women to decide who to bring home from the bar. ok. line up. [laughter] anybody who has read arnold schwarzenegger's new book. have you read it? it is a great book. i don't know if you have seen it or not. i screwed it up. hold on, that is the joke. son of a -- all right. are you going to watch the debates tomorrow night? are you excited about the debates? i made a tv i can watch it. they are both full of crap right there. thanks so much. [applause] craig: hey, buddy. thanks for coming. >> a hot crowd! a great crowd! craig: i told you. i told you. scathing, scathing political humor at the end. >> scathing. don't rip up my notes. you just ripped off rip taylor. they don't know who rip taylor is. i gave you that like 10 years ago. craig: you're 30 pounds lighter than the last time i saw you. >> that's not a good thing. what happened to you? i've been running marathons. i run. jog. craig: in vegas in the heat? >> no, i come to l.a. to run and then go back to vegas. took a different form of taking care of yourself. craig: you look completely different. you look like you looked 20 years
Nov 12, 2012 6:30am EST
going on in terms of temperatures, look at the 51 degrees we have right now in arnold. this is above average. but we have 51 for a dew point so we are looking at patchy fog across the area this morning. and as you head out and about, take it easy. the breezes and winds will pick up throughout the day out of the south and that's going to help warm temperatures a bit. checking out temperatures in arnold, 51 we are seeing more of the same in a lot of spots this morning. so be prepared for that. and we will look at the fact that the wet weather will be working its way in as we go through the overnight into tomorrow but this is the planner for today. we are going with 60 degrees breezy conditions by lunchtime more at 3:00 with the temperatures at 64 degrees. a nice day with the clouds increasing. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with fog this morning. so turn on the low beams because there's reduced visibility. you will need to watch out for that in pasadena watch out for some downed wires that has shut down
Nov 17, 2012 6:00am PST
day next weapons day? lisa will have more for you on that. lease arnold is going to have more for you on that right now, in fact. >> good morning, everyone. certainly a wet start out there. the rain is exiting the east bay. this is emeryville this morning. heaviest rain is in the north bay where they picked up over an inch of rain. live doplar 7hd shows you you can see the yellows pushing on out of santa rosa and the lighter returns to the south. just north of mount saint helena where they picked up an inch and a quarter, more rain continues to fall. highway 79. you see the lighter shades. and in the east bay a little wet. concord, highway 4 and pleasant hill, walnut creek. light rain to mountainville, 280, los gatos. we are looking for the system to exit the area and drying out later today. but more rain headed our way with a colder, stronger system this afternoon into the overnight hours. we will talk about if this one is a sierra no macer coming up in ing bit. terry. >> thank you very much. we have developing news out of san jose. there has been a development this a case where a po
Nov 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
ex-gobernador arnold scharzenegge r.. take video box ---a partir del proximo tres de diciembre, el salario anual del gobernador jerry brown se reducira en ocho mil 699 dolares... ---tambien, los legisladores dejaran de percibir cuatro mil 765 dolares al ano... ---y los titulares de secretarias estatales veran un descenso de entre 6 mil a 7 mil dolares en sus salarios anuales... stop open roll open blanca ---ahora le presentamos las imagenes del dia... take pkg video 1 ---veas estas impresionante s imagenes que nos llegan desde la franja de gaza donde su tierra se estremecio esta ma√Ďana con una serie de fuertes estruendos tras varias explosiones apesar de los reportes del cese al fuego. --no se sabe exactamente que era el blanco y tampoco si hubo muertes. video 2 --esta pizzeria en pennsylvania fue robada a mano armada y aqui estan las imagenes. --todo fue captado por la camara de seguridad y se ve como un hombre primero apunta a uno de los cocineros y luego los mantuvo prisioneros por 20 minutos. --primero el sospechoso robo la registradora, luego forzo a todos los empleados, incl
Nov 26, 2012 10:00am PST
were king of the mountain and spend it. arnold came in to clean it up. a couple years later, he left town and $26 billion this year. this has been the nature for the last decade, kicking the can down the road. not talking straight. the way it is. the way it is, it is a tale of two cities. there is fabulous wealth and link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c in some places it would be food or shelter or love. going over the sources of passion. they see all the world for the first time the majority of people everywhere want a good job. they want a job that is above the table. that is 30 hours a week. the real key to that is going to be a local and state government. hopefully the mayor in denver and myself in colorado focusing on how do we create the conditions? we can have brilliant vendors but they can sit on a shelf. you can have all the capital without the right idea -- but without the right idea, how does it improve? the magic there is entrepreneurship. when i was a geologist, i could not find a job and after a while we opened -- i stole the idea fro
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm PST
get confused. mr. president, commissioners, arnold townsend, reverend arnold townsend supporting the d-r. i just wanted to make a couple of comments, that number one, one of the problems that happens to people is that they see a piece of property and they're able to buy it which in this town isn't always that easy. and they're able to buy it. and certainly people next door have a right to build when they want to do thing. but if you're not careful, they'll build something to where you no longer own the
Nov 4, 2012 12:00pm PST
issue of the day which is revenue. we have seen our revenue cut significantly by taxes that arnold schwarzenegger cut his first day in office. we have a depoll that prop is trying to refill it. we should not have to do it at the ballot box when out of 40 state senators 14 have more power than 26. 14 can veto when 26 want. i tell fifth graders that and they say that is not democracy that is not possible. that is exactly the problem, we don't have democracy on all issues, revenue-related in the legislature, let the majority party do its job and if the voters don't like what the majority party is doing in no one jerry man dered districts change who is in power, it is call democracy. >> continuing on the theme of democracy, and how people engage with their elected officials and with government generally, clearly civic engagement is critical for a safe, strong and a vibrant state and i am curious what you have done and what you will do to encourage appropriate participation in democracy. >> i think that we could probably most simply define participation and democracy aside from communit
Nov 14, 2012 4:30am EST
degrees in arnold, 32 in perry hall and churchville coming in at 34. so when you get in your car this morning, you're going to blast that heat because you're going to need to. we have a frosty start out there. the winds are on the light side out there at two miles, we'll take that, not adding insult to injury too much. at the surface, though, we do have high pressure that will be building in. we have the front off towards the east. this is the one that's moved through that brought this chilly air that we are dealing with as we go into the afternoon. so we will struggle to get to 50 degrees for today. we are definitely going to be feeling it. as you head out and about this morning, you know you need that big thick coat. even as you go into the afternoon, you're going to want to keep it around because these temperatures are not going to budge too much. now, this is what the future trend looks like. i need you to follow this timeline right above my head there and you'll see there's not a lot of change, not dealing with a lot of clouds out there, not dealing with a lot of rainfall, a
Nov 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
news, london. >> embassies arnold the world -- around the world hosted parties for americans living abroad. >>> and howard is here, and what's happening? any rain falling yet? >> we have a couple of sprinklest earlier even a little sleet this morning fell in andrews and national. you know if you're expecting to see much in the way of snow today, it's not here. not happening. we may get a couple of conversational flakes later but it's this one is not in the cards for us. now new jersey, parts of long island, especially when you getaway from the coast here and new england going to see some snow but just not going to happen. here is a look at the day planner for the afternoon. it's cloudy and cold and it's a little breezy. we've got gusts offshore rehoboth at 40 miles per hour. blowing north at 12 right now as temperatures drop off. actually made it to 45 for the last half hour. that will be the high for the day. falling now to 44. periods of sprinkles and flurries and wet snow especially east and northeast of town. brisk northerly wind and windchills will be a factor and tonight only
Nov 10, 2012 6:30pm PST
decade. similar programs have sprung up in other schools and libraries arnold the state -- around the state. >>> people in kentucky and several neighboring states were startled today by a rare earthquake. after the 4.3 quake centered just west of whitesburg in eastern kentucky. people in black eye, kentucky reported finding small cracks and other minor damage in and around their homes. shaking from the quake was felt throughout the region. nine other states reported feeling it including north carolina and georgia andas you can tell by the reactions it's safe to say kentuckians aren't used to seismic acttivity. >> hands-down i was scared. >> enough to shake people open. >> this was a bad one. >> they say that while this afternoon's incident was moderate, aftershocks are still a possibility and they also reminded the public that even though earthquakes are rare they are not unheard of. >>> all right, it has been chilly. and it's about to get downright cold. roberta has a watch the place for us. >> today we had temperatures averaging a good ten degrees below average for this time of year
Nov 15, 2012 2:00am PST
you again that at the time this game to us, arnold schwarzenegger posted names, and dates on-line. i am not saying that he broke the law, i am pointing out that it was a policy decision and so i think that legally there is some question as to whether internal memos of where they go is part of an investigation. it is procedural, if that makes sense. >> that there are... >> i have an idea. i have a thought here. what i would propose is we make a finding based on what we know, that neither mr. st. croix or miss lediju, have committed a willful violation of the sunshine ordinance, i think that we will ask if miss herrick will do so and we have asked a lot of her already. to review the ethics commission correspondence with the city controller's office. if she finds any correspondence that is not privileged, i think that we... i, will especially set a hearing either to occur in conjunction with the regular meeting or especially set to determine whether the existence of those documents should require a finding of willful failure by the executive director to not... to turn those over. and th
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
right place at the right time. >> reporter: last year, arnold's office helped to convict these men shown in the video, involved in the heist off the train. but he admits catching train robbers who work off thousands of miles of track in the wilderness can be like finding a needle in the hay stack. and since the thieves most often operate under the cover of darkness, he says spotting them can be almost impossible. >> you have to act on the intelligence, but it is a hard thing to detect. >> reporter: they go all around fresno and bakersfield. officials say the thieves also work in the deserts of mexico and atlanta, new jersey, among other places. >> the criminals get on board the trains. and when the train takes off, they climb through the trailers, finding what they want. >> reporter: the leader of the highway patrols team out of oakland, he says finding cargo thefts on the roads and in the rails. >> they will cut a hole on top of the trailer or just outside the flat bed that it is traveling on. and when the train pulls over, they will unload the cargo and call the chase car van to
Nov 15, 2012 4:30am EST
prepare yourself for the 33 in churchville this morning. glenelg not much better at 34 degrees and arnold at 41- degrees this morning. and the winds are pretty much on the light side. just like they were yesterday. not as breezy and windy. but we will have the clouds around for today. so we can see what's going on right now on the satellite and radar. satellite picking up on the clouds across the area. the radar picking up on some rain down to the south. this disturbance will work its way off towards the north and it will miss us for the most part. but we are in the clouds. this is where the clouds are streaming from today. we look at the surface and well, high pressure is back off towards the west. not going to do so much. it's going to try to get in here. we will see a few peeks of sunshine sunshine but yesterday was glorious with the sunshine right? not going to be a glorious day like yesterday. but we won't be socked. in 48-degrees is the high temperature for today when we should be at 57 degrees now for this time of the year. so still well below average. partly cloudy, chilly skies a
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
on this mast. even with the history, richard arnold is here 24/7 usually by himself. >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i don't believe in ghosts. >> he joined us on two investigations. they use devices like an electromagnetic field detector, an on contact thermometer and to one of the hulls where the military stored ammo. >> reporter: despite it was a cold, rainy night, young detected heat on her camera. and there was plenty to hear echoing throughout the ship. >> we heard lot of running, a lot of footsteps and conversations. >> and then ran in to a door wide open. >> this is supposed to be a secured door. supposed to be closed and locked. i was told it was closed and locked. >> at the old pleasantton hotel, the co-owner says multiple workers have spotted a ghost. >> what they saw was a female, summing them in to the building. >> she saw a silhouette of a woman standing there staring at her. there was no one in the room. >> a customer said as she tried to open the bathroom door, someone or something was pulling on the other side. >> members of the para normal society decided to c
Nov 16, 2012 4:30am EST
bit of a weird and tight squeeze heading arnold it trying to get on to the bridge span. actually both directions of the bridge span on the key bridge near georgetown. so keep that in mind for the travel plans especially as the rush hour progresses. back to the maps this time head over to southern maryland. right 4, route 50 -- route 4, route 5, route 301. everything is fine headed for the beltday and oxon hill. the branch avenue the lanes are open. i'll be back with more coming up. back to you mike. >>> thank you monika. it is 4:50 now. state governments have been granted an extension on the deadline for the new health care law. today had been the deadline for state governments to decide whether or not they would set up a health insurance exchange. well that next step in the health care reform law is the exchange. they allow people in small businesses to access an online market to find more affordable health care. d.c., maryland and 14 other states have already established the exchanges. virginia visuals will not create one. -- officials will not create one. states now have until dece
Nov 29, 2012 7:00pm PST
lovely. >> in the words of arnold schwarzenegger, i'll be back!
Nov 15, 2012 6:30am EST
high only arnold 48 degrees under partly cloudy skies. another chilly day on tap for us and this is what we will dip down to tonight. 32 degrees continued cold. have the big coat. this is this forecast for tomorrow. see the 53 degrees? that's still below average. we should be at 57, 56 degrees now for this time of year. still coming below that through the next seven days then the next chance for showers works their way in late sunday and travel day on wednesday looking pretty good right now looking dry. we'll see if that changes through time. now a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. definitely going to want the crack the heat in the -- to crank the heat in the car this morning. it's pretty cold out there. we have a crash on 795 right along the southbound lanes at owings mill boulevard. and in the city you will want to watch out for falls road that's actually closed from lafayette avenue all the way to clipper mill road due to the debris removal. stick with 83. this is what 83 looks like just north of 695. no problems to repo
Nov 3, 2012 9:30pm PDT
arnold schwarzenegger said in a television commercial that it was mathematically impossible and factually inaccurate and he said it on television and we saw the support go from 65 percent down to 48 percent in two weeks. it is currently polling in the 60s, i hope that it passes. >> thank you. miss dillan. >> i support it as well. and i am an attorney but i am a civil attorney, but speaking to prosecutor and judges, they agree that the instance of the three strikes law requires a lot of criminals to go to trial who would not otherwise because they have nothing to lose by rolling the dice. and so, it does not pose a cost at a criminal justice system but beyond that it is a moral matter that we have a problem as a society to sending someone to life in prison for a jonvaljon type of crimes and stealing a loaf of bread. i trust the judge to make the right in sentence and they should be given better discorrection in that regard. >> the reform of the death penalty is another issue, that you have to question where the dollars are being spent as to whether that is a good use of our resources. >> n
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
stays here in the d.c. metro area. >>> hindus arnold the world celebrate the festival of lights tonight. the five day festival of diwali started today. it's an official holiday in 11 countries including india, sri lanka and singapore. it marks the triumph of good over evil. >>> still ahead tonight a celebration is spoiled by a scandal inside the beltway. that's coming up. >>> the story of paula broadwell and the downfall of general petraeus has a connection to another washington. the little one. 70 miles shutoff d.c.. you probably -- south of d.c.. you probably heard of the famous five star inn at little washington. that's where broadwell and her husband were to celebrate her birthday friday. the same night she became a household name. peggy fox returns from washington, virginia. >> oh my god. what happened? can you believe it? >> reporter: it's the five star inn at -- five star inn at little washington that's put washington, virginia on the map. now azannal worthy of the big washington is making its mark on the tiny picturesque town. >> this kind of thing is happening in our sleepy lit
Nov 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
. but right now coming in at 45 degrees in arnold, owings medicals at 43. pilesville coming coming in at 42. we're going to see the winds out of the west at 7 miles an hour right now in baltimore, 5 in east ton, these will pick up through the day. another breezy day on tap for us. this is what i'm talking about. sandy's remnants well up into canada, but still you get that counterclockwise spin around that, so that is pulling in some colder air, some chilly air, so we will be chilly and breezy as we head throughout the day. you see high pressure back off towards the west there. we really want that to come in here. we will begin to do so. you can start to feel better, get more sunshine in here. as we check out what's going to happen throughout the day, here we go with the cloud cover. let's go ahead and send this over to lauren. she has a check of the roads. >>> you haven't fortunately -- unfortunately we're still dealing with power sections. remember to treat those intersections as a four-way stop. in hartford county we are still dealing with storm damage. we are some on friendship roa
Nov 12, 2012 4:55am EST
are above average for the most part. we can see what's going on in arnold this morning at 51. tillman at 52. 47 in baltimore westminster at 49. good morning to you northville at 47. we are seeing more of that in galena and 50 in denton this morning. and as you head out, grab the coat you will need it. but as you go into the afternoon you will be able to put it away. another mild day on tap and satellite and radar are picking up on clouds back into western maryland all this is pushing off toward the east. so we will see increasing clouds as we go throughout the day. we do have sometime before the wet weather gets here and won't get here until later this evening overnight into tomorrow. and then things will start to dry back out and the backside of the system we are dealing with very cold air. this is what it look like. the cold front and high pressure is in control. it's to the south with that. we are going to pump in some of that milder air for today. so i am going with a high temperature in the 60s for today. and i will show you in a second. but future trend not picking up on a whole
Nov 25, 2012 11:30am PST
. that's dave arnold on "the next list." i'm dr. sanjay gupta. hope to see you back here next sunday. >>> held lorks everyone. you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. the nation's retailers are on pins and needles as black friday figures roll in. a just-released sales report should calm a few nerves that shows for the first time ever on-line sales exceeded $1 billion. tomscore inc said was the most popular on-line site followed by walmart, best buy and target. on-line sales throughout the season will top $43 billion, all of this before cyber monday even arrives. more numbers expected today. >>> and now to the looming fiscal cliff. u.s. congress and the white house have just 37 days left to reach a budget deal and stop more than $500 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax hikes from taking effect. a potentially big sticking point in those talks, that no new tax pledge of that more than 250 republican lawmakers have signed. athena jones us from the white house. two more republicans who signed the pledge said they would be open to tax hikes if they get other
Nov 29, 2012 8:30pm PST
. dante [speaker not understood]. eugene, tom [speaker not understood], arnold -- no. >>> good evening, commissioners. i know it's been a long day. thank you for the opportunity to explain why this proeked is so important to our family. * project i wanted to start off by saying tracy and i love san francisco. we started dating in 2001 and we started living together shortly thereafter. and when we had to move away so tracy had to attend graduate school, we agreed that we would come back as soon as the time came. in 2007 we became parents of identical twin girls, zoe and nina. we knew it was time to come home. so, in early 2008 we were fortunate enough to find a house that at the time suited our needs perfectly in noe valley, just a wonderful neighborhood that we love. but over the past 4-1/2 years that we have lived there, we've been thinking about how our needs are going to change as the girls get older. and we framed our discussion this way. will this house suit us for another 20 years or more? and will it continue to suit us if we decide to have another child? and we realized that as
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
, and my epilogue was in part inspired by a scene that arnold said depicted in his magnificent biography, and i had a chance to tell arnold that. you have to read the book to know what i meant by that. [laughter] robert in one of the so quotable lines in "legacy of the civil war" stops for a breath at one point saying the civil war draws us as an oracle, unriddled, pretentious, and national fate. that's a mouth full, but if there's an event, an epic, a turning point in american history that may, indeed, be our oracle, the place we go for wisdom. the place we go to ask questions about who we are, the place we go because we always seem to be still fighting over its legacies as it is probably the civil war, not just where the oracle is, but where it is, whether it's in a text, a place, a monument, the lincoln memorial, stone mountain, the shaw memorial in boston, it's anyone's choice, but it is that event in some ways that we go back to. now, james baldwin, i had great time writing this book, but i just wrote about the writers that just wanted to write about it, quoting them, end
Nov 3, 2012 5:30am EDT
to shop with small, independent vendors. >>> that's austin-based mason arnold. he was born and raised in austin, texas. his 6-year-old company, greenling, regularly buys produce from green gate farms along with most of the other organic farms in the region. greene greenling distributes this locally grown produce to homes in austin. as a disstrib tore of locally grown foods, they offer familiar and exotic new produce to customers like lynette of austin, texas. >> it challenges me to make something i would never buy in the store. >> in this way, they are introducing new customers to new product from local suppliers. robbie larkin is a local austin angel investor. he puts some of his money behind greenling and a few other slow money businesses. >> you put all of these businesses together. it is not just investing in a farm but in the infrastructure of food and making sure that infrastructure of food stays in your community. we provide jobs. we provide healthy jobs. it's not just how much okra are you going to get this week? >>> it's time to answer some of your business questions.
Nov 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
. this goes back to six years ago when governor arnold schwarzenegger passed the landmark global warming law in the state. it has a huge goal which is to cut the greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2020. >> why don't we give schwarzenegger the credit for that? he didn't pass it. the legislature. >> we'll give him that credit. but it's a huge feat. there's a number of programs, but it started with cap and trade. it applies to oil refineries, manufacturers, food processors. >> polluters. so you brought some props with you. >> i brought some props. >> we're going to show how cap and trade works. so let's bring out the props. and try to figure out, how do you cut pollution in a state where there's a lot of industry, and a lot of oil refineries, and cement companies. what have you got here? >> first of all, let's start with the cap part of cap and trade. this is an overall limit on the greenhouse gases that can be emitted in this state. over the years it's going to drop a little bit. that's how they're getting the cuts. the trading part, we're going to do a little demo. you guys are going
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
reporting right here. mcnerny is the incumbent. ricky gill is only 25 years old and was appointed by arnold schwarzenegger a few years ago to the -- i will just pull it out as he was uh .ed. imagine running for the house of representatives at age 25. mcnerny has a 52% lead to 47% with 27% of the precincts reporting at this point. one more district i want to show you. looking at this -- >> larry -- >> we will check back. >> sorry, we just got a bit of a breaking development with the election. >> we want to take you to jerry brown in sacramento. >> working people to organize and organize their dues power and political power to advance the cause of working people everywhere. that's 32. proposition 30, i know a lot of people had some doubts, had some questions about can you really go to the people and ask them to vote for a tax? well when i ran for governor i did say -- i said three things. one, i want to level with you, tell you the truth. no more smoke and mirrors on the budget. two, we won't have taxes unless the people themselves vote for. it and three, we are going to move government as cl
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Nov 3, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. david letterman, 290 jokes made about republicans including arnold schwarzenegger, paul lieian and chris christie, 138 about democrats. only two others were the top ten bill clinton and joe biden. do you have an explanation. [ laughter ] >> the romney jokes write themselves. thank you, good night. [ laughter ] >> i think look, it's media bias. i remember saturday night live, when chevy chase doing gerald ford i think that made a difference in the nation. humor does that. >> ford was a football player and a skier, downhill skier, most athletic president was portrayed as a bunglar that could hardly walk. >> you can't changes the numbers but i would like to point out that jon stewart and steven col bevtd who demographic skew is a little bit younger but very good about making fun of both candidates. pretty equally. >> the excuse is the writers live in los angeles and new york city. they are part of those communities. they are the two most liberal cities in the united states. >> when clinton it was president it was about monica lewinsky. >> but except mitt romney is not president. it ha
Nov 30, 2012 3:00am PST
generous man that does a great deal of good in san diego. arnold, other roving ambassador, arnold, what do you think? >> i am glad you had this news up about the margin of victory. >> isn't that great. >> let me tell you something. as a minority in this country, i am really happy because so many things went against us this voter suppression, all this rigging of they came up with. i hope everybody listens: the biggest suppression of votes are democrats. look at what happened in 2010. if we don't do the well of the people, it will happen again. >> we have to get out there and vote, vote, vote. you know, arnold, this time imagine how much bigger the victory would have been if they hadn't tried to suppress the vote. >> this is "the bill press show." think they're in the final stages of a plan they hatched back probably at reagan's time [ music ] hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be c
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